What is Rock Asphalt (Gilsonite)?

What is Rock Asphalt (Gilsonite)? 1

Rock asphalt is the “asphalt naturally occurred in nature” and is often called Gilsonite. Rock asphalt is a kind of bituminous substance which is produced by the comprehensive action of heat, pressure, oxidation, catalyst, and bacteria after the oil has been deposited and changed for hundreds of millions of years. It is commonly used as matrix asphalt modifier. The Physical Properties of Rock Asphalt approach to "Coal", and its main components are mostly asphaltene, colloidal or mineral asphalt matrix.

The rock asphalt is formed in the cracks of the rock, and the slit is very narrow, only tens of centimeters to several meters, and the depth can reach several hundred meters or more. Rock asphalt is a natural asphalt modifier, which has excellent road performance in asphalt mixture and is therefore widely used. Because it coexists with the environment all year round, it is particularly stable in nature, but contains some soil sand impurities. Depending on the type of deposit, it can be divided into infiltration type, gushing type, gap filling type, etc, which are commonly called lake asphalt, rock asphalt, seabed asphalt and so on.